Fall Steamup 2017

Spring Steamup 2017

Locomotive Design/Build Process

Ottaway Steam Classics 4-6-2 Locomotive Design

CHRR Santa 2016

CHRR Visits Wamego City Park

CHRR Visits Wabash, Frisco & Pacific Railroad Members Day 2016

Ottaway Steam Classics Fabrication

Spring Steamup 2016

Fall Steamup 2015

CHRR Santa Run 2015

C&HRR visits SWLS/Annetta Valley & Western Railroad (Spring 2016)

Morning at the CHRR

CHRR visits 712 Innovations

Coal power

Restoring the first Ottaway locomotive

CRHH Visits ATT&NW Railroad (2007)

CHRR Signals

Boiler Re-Tube

Santa Fe Road #1640 Diesel Build


C&H Santa 2016

CHRR Fall 2016

1011 Highball

Spring Steamup 2016

Mark II Rail Truck Testing

Celebration of Steam

Ottaway Reunion 2009

September Steamup 2010

C&HRR visits the Wabash, Frisco & Pacific Railroad in Glencoe Missouri

Richard Smith Telegraphy

CHRR 10th Anniversary Run

Forces Of Nature

Steam Power - Mile 550.3

MKII Rail Truck run day